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Tricia fell in love with Satyananda yoga about eighteen years ago, she sampled many different types Ashtanga, Bikram and Vinyasa before embarking on a Teacher training course that entailed living in an Ashram in Orleans outside Paris for a month. The course included daily chanting and meditation sessions. The benefits of living for a month in this type of yoga environment were invaluable and the peace of mind experienced, indescribable. When Tricia initially qualified as a Yoga teacher she taught yoga classes in the Temple Gate Hotel Ennis for two years.

Before having a young family of five kids Tricia played golf at the highest amateur level, representing Ireland and Great Britain & Ireland for many years. As part of her warm up routine before competing Tricia practised yoga. Drawing on her vast experience in the sporting environment Tricia feels that yoga provides huge benefits enabling competitors to relax, find peace of mind and sharpness that ultimately leads to peak performance. This concept of “peak performance in sport” has always interested Tricia, she is constantly observing top performers to discover the secrets that lead to their success

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