Hell’s BBQ

Not sure there could be a better way to kick off the 2017 Shannon festival.

Hell’s BBQ will open on Friday lunchtime, dishing out the burgers and hot dogs, while people get their bearings and soak up the atmosphere.  Probably the tastiest BBQ in Ireland.


Who are Hell’s BBQ
The shortest way to describe us is BBQ lovers, with big passion and great tastes.  Our meat is 100% Irish, we are Polish and together with the great American idea we create one of the best flavoured burgers, pulled pork, bbq ribs you have ever got to try!  It’s fresh, it’s juicy, it’s tender, it’s spicy (if you only like it hot), it’s mouth-melting !!

AAmmmm.. And the way we do it?
Naaah.. We won’t tell you yet. Try it, fall in love
and come back to us, we give you some idea;)

More info :  http://www.facebook.com/Hellsbbq87/ 

Hells BBQ kick off the 2017 festival on FRIDAY – 8th from  – 

Rachael English